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Responsible within the meaning of the Data Protection Act:

Agroflor Ltd.
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Collection of data

While you access our websites, we automatically collect data of a general nature. This data (server log files) includes, for example, the type of your browser, your operating system, the domain name of your Internet service provider and other similar general data. This data is absolutely independent of persons and is used to display the websites correctly to you and is retrieved every time you use the Internet. The absolutely anonymous data is statistically evaluated to improve our service for you.

Registration on our website

When registering for specific offers, we ask for some personal information such as name, address, contact, telephone number or e-mail address. Registered users can access certain additional services. Registered users have the option to change or delete all personal data provided at any time. You can also ask us for the data you have stored at any time. Insofar as there is no legal deadline for the retention of the data, these may be changed or deleted. Please contact us via our contact page.

Paid services

If you use paid services, additional data may be required, including information on the type of payment.

The use of the latest technology and encryption methods ensures comprehensive protection of your data.


When Se signs up for our newsletter, we use the registration data exclusively for the newsletter service. Registered users may be contacted by us to be informed of changes, updates or other relevant information.

A valid e-mail address must be provided when you sign up. The so-called “double-opt-in” procedure checks whether the applicant and the e-mail match.

You have the right to have your data deleted for the newsletter service at any time. In our newsletters you will find a link to unsubscribe. You can also unsubscribe from the website or let us know your wish via our contact page.


If you contact us via our contact page or send us an e-mail, the corresponding data will be stored for processing.

Deletion or blocking of data

Your personal data will only be stored for as long as is absolutely necessary to provide the specified services and it is required by law. After these deadlines, the personal data of the users will be blocked or deleted on a regular basis.

Google Analytics

Our website uses Google Analytics, the web analytics service of Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses “cookies”, small text files that are stored on your computer and store data for the use of our website. The data generated by the cookie about the use of our website is transmitted to a Google server in the USA and stored. Since IP anonymization is activated on our websites, your IP address will be truncated by Google. This applies to Member States of the European Union and other Contracting States to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. In rare cases, the full IP address may be transmitted to a Google server in the USA and truncated there. Google uses this information to evaluate your use of our website, to compile reports on our use of the website and to collect further statistical data. Your IP address will never be merged with other data stored on Google. The use of cookies may be prohibited by a setting in your browser; however, this may affect the functioning of our website. By means of a special add-on for your browser, you can deactivate the collection of data by Google Analytics.

Google Remarketing

Our website uses the Google remarketing function, which is used to show visitors to websites belonging to the Google advertising network individual advertising. A “cookie” is stored in your browser, which allows you to recognize them when you visit a website that belongs to the Google advertising network. You can be presented with advertisements related to visiting other websites that also use the Google Remarketing feature.

Google does not store individual data. Under, you have the option to deactivate the function of Google Remarketing. The use of cookies for individual advertising can also be stopped. This link describes how to do this: follow.

Social Plugins

We use social plugins of the following providers on our websites. Plugins are marked with the corresponding logo.

The service provider may obtain information and personal data of our visitors through such plugins. A 2-click solution we install prevents the non-obvious collection and transmission of data to the service provider. Only when a social plugin is activated by you by clicking, the collection of information and its sending to the service provider is triggered.

What data such a plugin collects as soon as it has been activated and how it is subsequently used is beyond our control. In some cases, direct connections to the services of the respective provider are created and the IP address and specific usage information can be collected and used. Service providers can also try to store cookies on their computers. You can find out how these cookies work in the data protection notices of the respective provider. You can be identified as a visitor by Facebook if they are currently logged into their Facebook account.

Social media buttons of the following companies are integrated on our website:

Google Plus/Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway – Mountain View – CA 94043 – USA)


Our website uses “cookies”. Cookies are text files that are transferred from the server of a website to your computer. Certain data such as IP address, browser, operating system and Internet connection are transmitted.

Cookies do not start programs and do not transmit viruses. The information collected through cookies is used to make it easier for you to navigate and to optimize the display of our websites.

Data collected by us will never be passed on to third parties or linked to personal data without your consent.

The use of cookies can be prevented by settings in your browser. See the explanations for your Internet browser for information on how to change these settings. Some features of our website may not function properly if the use of cookies is disabled.

Scalable central measuring method

For the collection of statistical characteristics about the use of our services, we use the “Scalable Central Measurement Method” (SZM) of INFOnline GmbH

This method collects anonymous readings. SzM Range Measurement uses either a cookie with the identifier “”, “”, a LocalStorage object or a signature created from various transmitted information from your web browser to recognize computer systems. IP addresses are used in anonymized form.

Data protection is always taken into account when measuring range. This statistically determines the intensity of use and the number of users of a website. Individual users are not recognized, the identity is always protected. The system does not send ads.

Web offers that belong to the information community for the determination of the dissemination of advertising media (IVW – or participate in the study “internet facts” of the Working Group Online Research e.V. (AGOF – will be published. Usage statistics published monthly by AGOF and the Working Group Media-Analysis e.V. ( –, as well as the IVW, and can be viewed under, and, click here. The IVW regularly reviews the SZM procedure with a view to regular and data protection-compliant use, and the measurement data are published.

The website of INFOnline GmbH, the data protection website of AGOF ( and the data protection website of IVW ( provide detailed information on the SZM procedure.

If you do not comply with the data processing by the SZM, you can make this clear at the following links: and

Scalable central measuring method in applications

For the collection of statistical characteristics of the use of our offers, our application uses the “Scalable Central Measurement Method” (SZM) of INFOnline GmbH (

Anonymous readings are collected. The SZM range measurement uses unique identifiers of the terminal device for the recognition of devices, which are transmitted exclusively anonymously. IP addresses are processed only in anonymized form.

The website of INFOnline GmbH (, the data protection website of AGOF ( and the data protection website of IVW ( provide detailed information on the SZM procedure.

Google AdWords

Our website uses Google Conversion Tracking. When you click on a Google ad on our website, Google Adwords stores a conversion tracking cookie on your computer. After 30 days, these cookies lose their validity, website visitors are not identified. Within the 30-day span, we and Google can determine that the user initially clicked on the ad to land on our site. Google AdWords cookies are custom and cannot be tracked through AdWords customers’ websites. The information collected with conversion cookies is used to generate conversion statistics for AdWords customers who use conversion tracking. Customers will find out how many users have used an ad to visit their site. Personal data of the users will not be transmitted.

If you do not want to participate in the tracking, you can set this in the browser settings. The automatic setting of cookies can generally be deactivated or you can set your browser to always block cookies.

Opt-out cookies must not be deleted if you wish to refuse to record measurement data. If you delete the cookies in your browser, all opt-out cookies must be reset.

Information, rectification, blocking, cancellation and opposition

You can request information about your data stored by us at any time. These can also be corrected, blocked or, if the prescribed periods of data storage for business transactions have expired, deleted. Our data protection officer will help you with any questions you may have. His contact details can be found below.

Locked data is stored in a special lock file for control purposes. If the legal archiving obligation has expired, you can also request the deletion of the data. Within the archiving obligation, we can block your data on request.

Changes or revocation of consents can be made by notification to us. This is also possible for future actions.

Changes to data protection rules

Our Privacy Policy may be updated at irregular intervals to meet current legal requirements or to implement changes to our services, such as when inserting new offers. The new data protection declaration will automatically apply to your next visit.

Contact the data protection officer

If you have any questions about data protection, please send us a message to [email protected] with the subject “Privacy”.


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